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Adult Sand A+/AA 3v3 League 2022 Season  Volleyball (Sand)

Jan 1 ’22
Dec 22 ’22

Beach Sand League

Each Night consists of 3 rounds that will run like this:

Team 1 vs Team 2 (3 sits) - 1 set to 17 (capped)

Team 1 vs Team 3 (2 sits) - 1 set to 17 (capped)

Team 2 vs Team 3 (1 sits) - 1 set to 17 (capped)

Teams are comprised of who is drawn each round.

Individuals track their own scores and are seeded on overall points.

Individuals are required to find their own subs.

No shows will forfeit their points and potentially their spot in the league if 2 no shows happen.

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